Who we are

We develop all sorts of software from minecraft mods to websites to servers, welcome to the main website which represents what we do and our accomplishments! Here you can look at what we are currently working on, our past projects and more.

Pro Poop+

Pro Poop+ is an exclusive website for exclusive fans of the american youtube channel known as Pro Poop. He creates Minecraft and miscallaneous content. However upon realizing that one needs at least 1000 subscribers to make a youtube membership, he contacted Softsquirrel Studios and we took things into our own hands.




This is our latest project that is not this website. ScriptMacro is a CLI tool for Linux that makes running entire scripts throughout your OS a breeze! Just add the name and path to the list and you're done!

Our goal

Here at Softsquirrel Studios, we believe our mission is to deliver the best and most useful software out into the public. Not only that, but a lot of our projects are open-source! We are working towards this goal every day by working hard.

We are cool 😎

In case you didn't notice, we are the coolest company out there. We are also very very very rich and expensive and tech-y and cool and proffesional with the best english skills and are a fortune 500 company.

2022 objectives

With some stuff going on in the world, we can still reach our goals for 2022. What are those goals, you ask? We don't know. Just go with the flow. We actually dont know because this text box is just a filler one to not make the website look so empty.

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